Step-by-Step Guide | October 17, 2022
Step 1.1: Build and Educate the Project Team


You should begin by building your core project team, establishing goals and a vision for fleet electrification, discussing ways your project can center equity, and developing a base understanding of electric school bus technology and the market landscape. 

Minimally the team should consist of the transportation director and/or fleet manager, the facilities and/or energy manager, an electrician or electrical contractor and the district’s electric utility account manager. 

A school district’s goals for electrification will shape many of the decisions throughout the process. Example goals may include a desire to improve children’s and drivers’ health, potential fuel or maintenance cost savings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a city or state mandate and others. 

Things to do: 

  • Identify core project team members and their roles  
  • Schedule regular project team meetings 
  • Discuss school district goals and priorities 
  • Consider ways to center equity in your project 
  • Educate project team on electric school bus and charging technologies 
  • Assess market conditions and technology options 

Questions to consider: 

  • Why is your district interested in electric school buses? What are your district’s project priorities? 
  • How can electric school buses address inequities in your community? 
  • What is your target date to have the first electric school buses in place? How does this fit into fleet turnover plans, timelines and budgeting? 
  • Do you have buy-in from district leadership? 
  • What experience does your staff already have and what knowledge do they require? 
  • Do you have internal capacity to manage the fleet electrification process, or will you need to hire a project manager or consultant?  
  • Do you directly operate your buses or partner with a contractor? 
  • Are there peer school districts that you can reach out to and learn from? 

Potential stakeholders: 

  • District transportation director 
  • District fleet manager 
  • District facility manager 
  • District energy manager 
  • District superintendent  
  • School bus contractor (if applicable)