Article | January 10, 2024
Electric School Bus Battery Resources

Explore how electric school bus batteries are safely and reliably driving clean transportation today, and how we can ensure a sustainable and circular future.

An electric school bus battery seen in the bus’s undercarriage.

The advanced batteries that power electric school buses are a vital component of the equitable transition to clean rides for students nationwide. With rigorous safety protocols, longer ranges than ever before, and strong performance and reliability, electric school bus batteries help ensure students are not forced to breathe dangerous diesel exhaust pollution.

The equitable transition to electric school buses will also require responsible sourcing, end-of-life recycling and sustainability throughout the battery value chain. Learn more below! 

Electric School Bus Battery Operations:

All About Electric School Bus Battery Safety

The innovative batteries that power electric school buses meet rigorous safety standards, are extensively tested and are ready to power the electric school bus transition.


How Electric School Bus Owners Can Maximize Battery Performance by Limiting Aging

Like any battery, electric school bus battery performance naturally degrades over time. Fortunately, there are best practices for electric school bus operators to maximize performance and lengthen the life of their batteries.


Electric School Bus Battery End-of-Life Management:

How to Ensure a Sustainable Future for Electric School Bus Batteries

Learn about circular battery best practices and the steps that school districts, policymakers and manufacturers can take to implement them.


How Electric School Bus Fleet Owners Can Ensure That Their Used Vehicle Batteries Avoid the Landfill – and Reap Economic and Environmental Benefits

For school districts and other electric school bus fleet owners, gaining value from used vehicle batteries starts during procurement.

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