Article | January 12, 2024
Clearinghouse: Electric School Bus Funding and Financing Opportunities

Looking for funding and financing options for electric school buses? Download our Clearinghouse and start exploring.

Finding information about the many opportunities to access funding and financing for electric school buses can be challenging. That’s why the Electric School Bus Initiative has compiled many of the available options in a single file, which contains information regarding type of funding, program eligibility, funding levels, and more.  

Download our Clearinghouse of Electric School Bus Funding and Financing Opportunities today to see programs that you may be interested in.  

Heard of opportunities that aren’t included in this clearinghouse? Reach out to Alejandra Achury at

Get started exploring the Clearinghouse here! 

The purpose of the Clearinghouse document is to highlight some of the opportunities available to school districts. It's not intended to be a comprehensive document. It should be noted that there may be additional programs not listed here, or some programs have closed and dispersed their funds.

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