Article | May 17, 2023
Total Cost of Ownership Calculator for Electric School Buses

Looking to calculate your fleet's total cost of ownership? Use the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator for Electric School Buses!

With the Electric School Bus Initiative's support, Atlas Public Policy developed the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator for Electric School Buses to help school districts easily estimate the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their fleets. 

To learn more about total cost of ownership, check out our All About Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Electric School Buses page. 

You can find the calculator below! When using the calculator, please note that: 

  • Results of the calculator are estimates, and your district’s TCO may depend on other factors 
  • You should select the inputs that best fit your electric school bus option in the “Electric Inputs” tab and click on the “Diesel Inputs” tab to select inputs of diesel-burning options 
  • To factor in external funding sources, use the “Incentives” dropdown on the “Electric Inputs” tab 
  • To use the calculator on a mobile device, zoom out so that the whole calculator is visible 

Disclaimer: These tools and models were developed by World Resources Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative and Atlas Public Policy based on the experiences of school districts and publicly available information. These recommendations are intended to provide general guidance and should be used for informational purposes only. We do not expect credit or citation for any of this material. Any information in this article should be used at your own risk. WRI makes no warranties or representations about the completeness or accuracy of this information and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of your use of these materials. You should consult with your legal advisor regarding compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.