Article | January 22, 2024
School Buses in the Circular Economy

Ready to bring electric school buses into the classroom? LEGO’s Build the Change is offering a free lesson plan for 4th – 8th grade students!

Lego characters school bus.

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Build the Change and WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative have teamed up to create a hands-on lesson that introduces students to the concepts of circular economy and vehicle electrification, all through a very familiar example: the iconic yellow school bus.

Appropriate for students in grades four through eight, this free lesson gives students the chance to contemplate an important question: As school districts across the country begin to electrify their school bus fleets, what will happen to their retiring diesel buses? Can they be recycled? Repurposed for something new? Participants will design and build their answer to these questions. Teachers can upload pictures of their students’ creations to be shared on LEGO’s website.

Access the free lesson plan here!

The "Think Outside the Bus" mini lesson requires a LEGO account to download, which is a quick and easy sign-up.