All About Series | October 17, 2022
All About Charging Infrastructure

Our video guides help you learn the basics of charging infrastructure.

Electric school bus chargers and access points mounted to a brick wall, near the back of an electric school bus.

Charging is one of the most important aspects of electric school bus implementation, and proper planning is key to the success of your fleet. 

In this five-video series, Gregg Kresge, Electric School Bus Initiative Senior Manager of Utility Engagement and Transportation Electrification, walks you through the basics of electric school bus charging infrastructure, from identifying your connection to the electric grid to setting up your charging infrastructure – and everything in between. 

Video 1: Electric Utility Connections 

Video 2: Power Connection on Your Site 

Video 3: Electric Service Meters 

Video 4: Electric Circuit Breaker Panel 

Video 5: Optimizing Your Site for Electric School Buses 

Want more information about electric school bus charging? Download our free Power Planner for Electric School Bus Deployment, featuring nine key steps for school districts. 

Special thanks to NYCSBUS, who allowed our team to film at their facility. 

Primary Contacts:
Gregg Kresge