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Summit | Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Electrifying Everything

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About the summit

Electric vehicle adoption has significantly progressed in the past few years and the technologies and regulations to electrify other kinds of transportation have also accelerated. For years, we have talked about light-duty electric vehicles, but total transportation electrification means electrifying every single way in which we move people and goods.

This Summit will highlight the broader world of electric transportation including electric vertical take-off and landing, airplanes, ports, school buses, and micromobility to explore the current state of the market and what is needed for mass adoption.

Summit panels

Prepared for Takeoff? What’s Next For eVTOL
More than 150 global companies are in the process of developing electric vertical take-off and lift (eVTOL) prototypes and over $1 billion in private investment has been made in the market to date. These companies are coming closer to the required airworthiness certification by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and this panel will convene expert players in the eVTOL ecosystem to discuss the current state of the technology and what it will take to get it to the mass market.

Precious Cargo: Electrifying America’s School Buses
A few months ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it would double the rebate funding available for replacing existing school buses with zero and low-emission options to $1 billion due to high demand from school districts in all 50 states. With another $4 billion in federal funding set to be disbursed in the next three years, our expert panel will discuss the required elements for a successful bus electrification plan, offsetting operating costs and the benefits of electrifying a core component of public transportation in the United States.

“Sea” You Later, Emissions: Electrifying America’s Ports
The 360+ commercial sea ports in the United States are often described as “gateways of global commerce,” but they also represent a major source of emissions that impact public health. Electrifying ports is a central component to accelerating total transportation electrification, reducing our overall carbon footprint and improving the air quality of communities near ports. This panel will include speakers from current port electrification projects who will share successful public-private funding strategies, recommendations on convening the right project partners and lessons learned regarding the long-term planning these projects require.

Point A to Point B: How E-Micromobility Can Go Big
As more consumers look for affordable and clean last-mile transportation solutions, e-micromobility has become a sought-after solution for cities to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. According to a 2022 McKinsey study, micromobility companies attracted $2.9 billion in investment worldwide in 2021 and this panel will discuss ways to increase the investment in electric solutions, the most operationally efficient charging solutions and the benefits and challenges cities face during deployment.

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