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School Bus Electrification Template Roadmap

Electrifying your fleet requires a plan. Use our template document to get started.

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The School Bus Electrification Template Roadmap is meant to accompany WRI's Step-by-Step Guide to School Bus Electrification, a resource for school bus electrification that identifies common steps for electrifying a school bus fleet and how to center equity in that process. 

This Template Roadmap can be used as a project management tool to visualize various timelines, identify which steps can occur in parallel and which should be done sequentially, and the overlap of multiple workstreams. Primary users of this tool will likely be transportation directors, (assistant) superintendents, business managers or external consultants, however it may be useful for a variety of project actors.

We welcome comments and suggestions for how to improve this resource. Please email with your suggestions or to schedule a time to chat about ways to improve this resource.

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Disclaimer: This template was developed by the Electric School Bus Initiative at World Resources Institute (WRI) based upon on-the-ground experience with transit and school bus electrification. More detailed methodology can be found online within the Step-by-Step Guide to School Bus Electrification. This template is intended to provide general guidance and should be used for informational purposes only. Any material in this template should be used at your own risk. WRI makes no warranties or representations about the completeness or accuracy of this information and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of your use of these materials. We recommend you consult your attorney, accountant and/or financial advisor to answer any financial, tax or legal questions.

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