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In the Market for an Electric School Bus? Ask Us Anything.

With the first round of EPA’s Clean School Bus funding applications due on August 19th, many school bus operators have questions about electric school bus (ESB) models. Currently, 22 ESB models are available from 12 manufacturers, for types A, C, and D buses. These include 14 newly manufactured vehicle models and eight repowered vehicle models. Each generation of buses is more advanced than the previous; many manufacturers are on their second or third iteration, and some even further along. Join us to learn more about the options!

And, bring your questions about ALL THINGS ESB. We’ll have a panel of experienced school districts ready to field your ESB queries – ask us about models, charging, costs, climate, training or anything else!

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Please note: the recording states 2,000 electric school buses have been delivered. The correct number is around 600.

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