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The Equity Framework to Guide the Electric School Bus Initiative

An Introduction to our Equity Framework

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This paper explains why and how the ESB Initiative has committed to equity and the process we are using to develop and implement the equity framework. The first section outlines the framework elements including key equity concepts and why equity matters to the ESB transition. It also defines how we are leading with equity and centering intersectionality—defined as the impact from the combination of identities that make up a whole individual—as our overarching approach to project decision-making. The second section describes the process we are using to create and refine the framework including how we are leveraging our leadership and foundational research to shape our strategy. The final section summarizes the steps we are taking to transform our framework into action to ensure that all project activities reflect our equity goals and principles. A summary of the possible equity intersections and additional terms and concepts are provided in the appendixes. 

To begin this framework creation process, the equity work team hosted a retreat and conducted an extensive literature review on a range of case studies, toolkits, and discussions of equity concepts and terms related to environmental justice, mobility justice, just transition, and historic inequities in the United States. Our review attempted to capture the variability in equity definitions and framework approaches to get a comprehensive view of how equity principles are used in practice and challenges faced by organizational decision-makers.

Our goal in sharing our development process and initial framework is to ensure that key stakeholders interested in the electrification of school buses understand how and why the ESB Initiative is prioritizing equity. Transparent and inclusive processes are a central tenet of equity. We hope that publishing our approach provides an opportunity for partners to hear about our equity-centered processes and ideas, provide input, and engage in a conversation about opportunities to advance equity through joint efforts.


Moses, E., and C. T. Brown. 2022. “Equity Framework to Guide the Electric School Bus Initiative.” Working Paper. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Available online at


Download the Equity Framework to Guide the Electric School Bus Initiative here.

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