Downloadable tool | February 16, 2023
Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Programs

Not sure what makes up an EV Make-Ready program or why it is important? Download our EV Make-Ready Programs guide and related program dataset.

Download the guide

EV Make-Ready programs vary from utility to utility. That’s why the Electric School Bus Initiative has developed our Electric Vehicle (EV) Make-Ready Programs guide, which contains information on core program components and how Make-Ready programs can support the build-out of essential EV charging infrastructure. 

Looking for information on existing Make-Ready programs? Download our table of investor-owned utilities’ (IOU) commercial Make-Ready programs for real-world examples. 

Are there investor-owned utility (IOU) commercial Make-Ready programs missing from our resource? Reach out to Gregg Kresge at! 

The purpose of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Make-Ready Programs guide is to inform utility regulators and other audiences of Make-Ready program design elements and various considerations to assist in reaching program goals and intentions.. The related Make-Ready program data is not a comprehensive dataset, limited to only investor-owned Make-Ready programs as of January 2022 and excludes residential and other program types. It should be noted that there may be additional programs not listed here, or some programs have closed and dispersed their funds. 

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