Article | July 2, 2024
Electric School Bus Training Standards

Get the first electric school bus industry training standards for vehicle operation, safety, maintenance, technology and troubleshooting.

Electric school bus on a lift at a school district bus depot.

Download the training standards

The Electric School Bus Training Standards define learning objectives and outcomes for people interacting with electric school buses (ESBs). They can guide the development of ESB training curricula and content. These industry-first ESB standards have been peer reviewed by more than 50 industry experts including staff from school districts, manufacturers and subject matter experts. 

Downloading these free standards will help school districts, trainers and instructors develop or compare training programs for staff and people interacting with ESBs including bus riders, drivers, technicians, fleet managers, first responders and more. The standards help assess whether knowledge and skills related to ESB awareness, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting are adequately covered in existing training programs. 

To see detailed content from the Electric School Bus Training Standards, download the document here. 

Download the training standards

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